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American-German support agreement signed at Ramstein

  • Published
  • By Capt. Jonathan Friedman
  • USAFE Public Affairs
German and U.S. Air Forces in Europe leaders met here Dec. 1 to sign an agreement that continues the support arrangement between the two nations on Ramstein.

The small gathering was officiated by German air force Lt. Gen. Horst Martin, Commander, Allied Component Command - Air Headquarters Ramstein, and included an official signing by Brig. Gen. Michael Snodgrass, USAFE Plans and Programs director, and President Wolfgang Nowak, Branch Director of German Defense Administration West in Düsseldorf.

The agreement covers logistical and administrative support offered to the German support unit on Ramstein. Aspects of the agreement cover services and support -- to include housing and work space -- that USAFE supplies to their German partners. Moreover, the refinement of this agreement establishes a model for other nations to follow.

"The refinement of this support agreement sets the tone and template for future support agreements," said General Snodgrass. "It allows newer NATO nations the opportunity to see how a support agreement is arranged. The bottom line is that these nations are able to work more effectively, faster, by having this agreement as an example."

The previous agreement dated back to May 1988, and was updated because significant changes were necessary, such as major organizational alterations.

"It's important to conclusively establish the status and scope of the support," said President Nowak. "With the number of organizational changes in both the German and American structure, it was important to refine the agreement to reflect these changes."

President Nowak noted that the 1988 agreement included some limitations and open-areas that were not as conclusive as they should have been. This new agreement refines those areas.

"This agreement is a great example of the spirit of friendship between our two nations," he said.