422nd SFS, NHPD strengthen local ties through live-fire, field training exercises

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Eugene Oliver
  • 501st Combat Support Wing Public Affairs

Airmen from the 422nd Security Forces Squadron along with policemen from the Northamptonshire police department conducted multiple training exercises at RAF Croughton, England Mar. 3, 5.


The training consisted of multiple field exercises at RAFC and firing range training at the NHPD range. This training provided an opportunity to strengthen the local partnership between the 422nd SFS and the NHPD.


“Training events like this show the local community that here at the 501st Combat Support Wing, we make it a priority to continue to engage and strengthen our relationship with our mission partners through integration and partnership,” said 1st Lt. George Marte 422nd SFS operations officer. “Our goal is to continue to demonstrate that we are part of the community.”


Defenders from the 422nd SFS became the first USAF Airmen to ever train at the NHPD firing range.


“The NHPD range is a local, state-of-the-art range that offers a myriad of simulated environments that our Defenders may encounter one day while on the job,” said Marte. “This opportunity provides our SF Trainers an opportunity to observe, adapt, and share the skillsets learned with our future Defenders coming into the UK.


“This also allows for our Defenders on the ground to anticipate what tactics will be employed by our international partners in a real-world emergency response.”


Policemen from the NHPD utilized the 422nd SFS training complex equipped with an inflatable shoot house to improve their tactics, techniques and procedures through field training exercises.


“Events like this are important because it allows defenders to witness different tactics being implemented at all levels,” said Staff Sgt. Alvaro Gonzalez, 422nd SFS unit trainer. “As a training instructor, I paid close attention to how the NHPD instructors delivered the training material to their students to add variety to my method of delivery for when I instruct my students.


“The partnership of working with an off-base host nation police agency has invaluably broadened my experience as a Defender and a non-commissioned officer in this career field.”


After the training, defenders got the opportunity to reflect on how important it is to engage with and maintain a relationship with the NHPD.


“Those first shots fired by 422nd SFS Defenders on the Northamptonshire PD range were more than just rounds hitting the targets,” said Marte. “Those rounds are a symbol of our unified effort to countless hours spent striving to improve mission partner integration. As we stepped on to that range, we quickly realized the potential this venue has to bolster our Defenders’ lethality.


“This truly marks the beginning of a new era for our Defenders here at RAF Croughton; one that will leave a legacy behind where we were able to build an amazing partnership and allow for our training to reach new heights never reached before. It is part of our legacy for future generations of Defenders to come.”