Kleine Brogel AB conducts augmentee training, enhances readiness

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Melody W. Howley
  • 52nd Fighter Wing, Public Affairs

Kleine Brogel AB hosted augmentee training for base personnel, Feb. 25, to enhance mission readiness capabilities and interoperability.

Instructors Staff Sgt. Christopher Puhlmann, 701st Munitions Support Squadron NCO in charge of custody forces, and Staff Sgt. Jamal Wilson, 701st MUNSS custody forces training, hosted the course, with an end goal of participants gaining the ability to perform alongside security forces personnel.

“Due to the nature of our mission at Kleine Brogel, it is imperative that we have proper manning to effectively continue our mission,” said Wilson. “Airmen who go through augmentee training will have the proper knowledge and skills to help SFS members during trainings, exercises, and real world scenarios, and the protection of our GSU is paramount.”

Having Airmen from other AFSC’s participate in augmentee training is beneficial for geographically separated units that may not have the manning or resources of an air base.

“The augmentation training is a foundation of skills for Airmen with Air Force specialty codes other than security forces,” said Puhlmann. “The training consists of arming use of force, non-lethal weapons, force-on-force and localized training.”

Because of the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Puhlmann said keeping their forces safe is priority.

“We comply with COVID-19 restrictions by implementing different ideas with input from our leadership,” said Puhlmann. “We uphold a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness by providing cleaning supplies in the classroom for use at all times. Additionally, the masks are mandatory at all times, along with maintaining physical distances.”

Another way Kleine Brogel AB has maintained COVID-19 restrictions is by moving some of the augmentee training to a virtual classroom.

“We have tried keeping personnel safe is by turning our annual combatives training to a virtual setting,” said Puhlmann. “A certified trainer in each Custody Forces flight is responsible for teaching the combatives slides to ensure members retain the information and are ready to perform if necessary.”

Tech Sgt. Gabriel Solazzo, 701st MUNSS NCOIC of plans and programs, explained why the augmentation course is so important for not only GSU’s, but the entirety of the 52nd Fighter Wing.

“Being a GSU, we are expected to perform as a traditional unit without the major resources provided,” said Solazzo. “The course itself can be physically demanding as we put the trainees under a stressful environment by ensuring their heart rate is elevated prior to practical application of their lessons. This is the closest we can come to having members respond to a real world situation during a training environment.”

Kleine Brogel AB makes augmentee training for their Airmen a priority by conducting this training every quarter.