B-2 conducts hot-pit refueling at Lajes

  • Published
  • By Ricky Baptista
  • 65th Air Base Group

The 65th Air Base Group, in cooperation with our long standing NATO ally, provided hot-pit refueling to the B-2 aircraft and showcased the interoperability and readiness capability between the two allied nations.

As a fulcrum point of the Atlantic Air Bridge, Lajes Field provides the U.S. Department of Defense and allied nations a power projection platform for credible combat forces across Europe and Africa.

These bomber missions represent the U.S. commitment to our allies and enhances regional security. USEUCOM lives, trains, and fights with allies and partners from strategically positioned bases in Europe that are critical for a more timely and coordinated response during contingency operations and other operations as directed by area combatant commanders.

The transatlantic strategic relationship between the U.S. and Portugal is built on a 228-year-old foundation of shared values, experiences, and vision and will continue well into the future.