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  • MEDCEUR 09 hosts distinguished visitors

    Medical Training Exercise in Central and Eastern Europe 2009 participants welcomed more than 200 visitors to the Nis military airport Sept. 10 as part of distinguished visitors' day. MEDCEUR 2009 is an annual joint and combined medical exercise with a focus on major disaster response and mass casualty situations. More than 700 exercise participants
  • 458th EMEDS stands up, provides support for MEDCEUR 2009

    NIS, Serbia -- It took one day for U.S. military medical practitioners to build and set up the 458th Expeditionary Medical Squadron here. One day's work enabled the squadron to support a multi-national medical exercise, and provide all of its personnel with knowledge to last a lifetime. U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Alfred Flowers Jr., 458th EMEDS deputy
  • Airmen teach moulage to medical students

    Approximately 50 students from Dr. Milenko Hadzic Medical School in Nis, Serbia, received moulage-application training from Airmen assigned to the 86th Medical Group at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, Sept. 8 in preparation for a mass casualty and natural disaster exercise scheduled for Sept. 9-11. The students, ranging in age from 15 to 18 years old,
  • 3rd Air Force CC visits RAF Lakenheath

    Lt. Gen. Frank Gorenc, 3rd Air Force commander, visited the Liberty Wing and its Airmen Sept. 8 to discuss hot-button issues about today's Air Force. General Gorenc started his visit with breakfast attended by Liberty Warriors of various ranks and organizations across the base. He discussed the changes the Air Force has gone through in his 30 years
  • Nations provide medical response training

    Members of 15 nations gathered Sept. 4-7 to conduct and participate in the military medical training exercise, or MEDCEUR 2009, in-class training segment of the exercise. Various classes offered to participants included the Trauma Refresher Course for Surgeons, Mortuary Affairs - Collection Point Operations, Management of Burns in Mass Casualty
  • Air Forces Africa shares airdrop expertise with Ugandan Forces

    Today's scenario: Heavy rains have caused the Nile River to overflow its banks and flood a village in central Uganda, cutting off citizens from food and medical supplies. The mission: To plan and execute a humanitarian airdrop mission of relief supplies for the village. Theater Security Cooperation is one of those broad, strategic terms that, in
  • Sept. 3 marks 70 years since day of dark news

    As someone in the business of telling the news, I tend to take for granted the multitude of means we have available to get the word out. Between the Internet, 24-hour news networks, radio and the everlasting newspaper, a person can pick how and when they want their news and usually get all the top stories of the moment in the time it takes to drink
  • Fast-paced sport keeps Airmen fit-to-fight

    With the recent news of fitness testing changes, Airmen are trying to find new and innovative ways to help keep their health and fitness up to par year round. One of the sports Airmen on Ramstein are playing to keep up those high intensity workouts is racquetball. "Racquetball helps me keep up my fitness level," said Airman 1st Class Grovert
  • Missile retrofit provides better accuracy, saves AF money

    As part of the Air Force effort to modernize its air and space inventories, the 86th Munitions Squadron recently upgraded their AGM-65 Maverick H-and-K-model missile systems here. With the help of an Air Force Reserve Ammunition Team and a Maverick Systems Program Office team from Raytheon Missile Systems, the company who created the missile, the