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  • RAF Mildenhall air assets aid in rescue operation

    A KC-135 crew from the 100th Air Refueling Wing assisted in a rescue operation off the coast of Ireland June 26. A total of five aircraft from the United States and England worked together to pluck a man complaining of abdominal pains from a ship in the Atlantic Ocean and transport him to a medical facility in Shannon, Ireland. Two HH-60 Pave Hawk
  • Rescue effort at sea

    An international rescue effort is currently en route to a ship in the Atlantic approximately 700 miles off the west coast of Ireland. A crew member on board container ship "Pascha" has fallen seriously ill and needs urgent medical attention. The ship's distance from land makes it impossible for the traditional sea rescue operations to reach; and
  • Patriot Village stands ready to house, serve troops

    Contingency dorm operations; that's what it would normally be called. This fenced-off, seemingly deserted commune stands lonely and quiet for extended periods of time. However, its purpose is not to continuously bustle with life, but to be ready at a moment's notice when called upon. A village within a village - Patriot Village serves a very
  • Illinois Air National Guard visits Polish Air Base

    Members of the 182nd Airlift Wing, Peoria, IL. arrived at the Polish base June 18, as part of the Illinois Air National Guard's role in the State Partnership Program. The visit is part of a continual endeavor by National Guard Units and European military forces to facilitate information exchange and familiarization. The arrival of the 182nd began a
  • Safety Checks

  • Cadets get upclose view of Aviano, 8th ASOS

    Imagine a 3:45 a.m. show time in order to undergo a four-hour climb through muddy terrain, loose rock, waist-high brush, fallen tree limbs and a little bit of leftover winter snow in the heart of the mountains with 80 pounds of equipment strapped to your back - all to find the perfect observation point. It's at this observation point that your