Dependent Revalidation

Dependent Revalidation Checklist

Obtain an ORIGINAL COPY of your wedding or dependent birth certificate to verify your primary dependent (e.g., if you are married to a civilian spouse and have children, you only need your marriage certificate).

If you are missing these documents, please view this site: or a commercial alternative.

2. Open the following instructions: How to Complete an AF Form 594. For any further questions, click FAQ here.

Complete the Appropriate AF Form 594 ***DO NOT SIGN***

Airmen Married to Civilian AF Form 594

Airmen Claiming Joint Military Dependents AF Form 594

Airmen Married to Military AF Form 594

Single Airmen with Dependents AF Form 594

Airmen who Pay Child Support AF Form 594

Airmen who Qualify for Secondary Dependency AF Form 594

Your finance office will schedule times to visit your unit. When they come, at your scheduled time, bring the following with you: your CAC, completed & UNSIGNED AF Form 594, and a copy of the appropriate birth certificate or marriage certificate.