USAFE Concert Band

The United States Air Forces in Europe Concert Band has been entertaining audiences of all ages and nationalities throughout Europe and Southwest Asia since 1944. Based at Sembach Air Base, Germany, the band brings the sound of America to Europe's finest concert halls, outdoor theaters and international music festivals. 

The Concert Band's musical programming reflects the diverse stylistic heritage of American and European music. Their expansive repertoire features a dynamic versatility that appeals to all audiences. Musical selections include the best of American music from the Broadway stage and Hollywood screen to the sound of New Orleans Dixieland and Big Band jazz. Light opera, overtures, marches and outstanding vocal and instrumental soloists also make for a thoroughly entertaining program.

In addition to performing live concerts, the USAFE Band is heard through recordings and media broadcasts bringing the music of America to millions across the continent. As "America's Musical Ambassadors," the USAFE Concert Band uses the international language of music to foster cultural relations and promote international diplomacy wherever they perform.