United States Air Forces in Europe – United Kingdom

U.S. Air Forces in Europe - United Kingdom (USAFE-UK), a forward detachment of USAFE, is headquartered at RAF Mildenhall, England.

USAFE-UK serves as the designated U.S. country representative for U.S. European Command and USAFE, providing primary military liaison to His Majesty's government for all U.S. Visiting Forces. Its staff facilitates effective relationships with host nation representatives through ongoing dialogue and integration in international relations, international law, airspace operations, logistics and public affairs mission sets. The organization further serves as the focal point for overseas negotiations with His Majesty's government on a wide range of issues.

USAFE-UK is dedicated to preserving and promoting the historically essential partnership between U.S. forces and the British government, while engaging the local national community in a growing relationship of trust and friendship with the servicemembers, civilians and families of the American community.

A USAFE directorate, the organization provides higher headquarters staff support for U.S. Air Force units located in the U.K., including three active-duty wings and mission partners from varying major commands and U.S. government agencies. Additionally, USAFE-UK recommends Theater Security Cooperation objectives and activities between U.S. and host nation forces when appropriate.

USAFE-UK further performs reach back, integration and liaison to Headquarters USAFE staff at Ramstein Air Base on critical issues unique to U.S. military units operating in Britain, including matters affecting military operations, safety, security and quality of life.