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Default Air Force Logo Saluting -- not just for American officers
It's a beautiful summer day here at Spangdahlem Air Base, and I am riding on the Surrey Bus through our base. As we are driving, I watch countless Sabers walk by the bus, some look and others don't. Then I hear the question, "Why didn't that person salute the General who is on this bus?" Fellow Sabers, as an NCO working in the Protocol office, it
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Master Sgt. Eddie Linnbaum, 21st Special Operations Squadron, and his wife Theresa wait patiently for the aircraft’s show time prior to Sergeant Linnbaum's finis flight.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Dennis Brewer) One more for the road
It was as if the mighty MH-53M Pave Low IVs didn't want to bid goodbye to Master Sergeant Eddie Linnbaum, much less help add time to his flight-hour record on the day of his finis flight May 3. The first two helicopters refused to pass run up checklists. But the third didn't let the 21st Special Operations Squadron senior flight engineer down, and
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Matthew Chambers, 9, wears a Military bulletproof vest during the Operation Together & Ready activicty held at the base child development center at RAF Mildenhall June 9, 2007. (U.S Air Force photo by Airman Brad Smith)                                     Children get glimpse of deployment life at Operation Together and Ready
Fun and education was the order of the day June 9 when the Airmen and Family Readiness Center held a deployment readiness event at the youth center. Operation Together and Ready, put together especially for children, focused on all phases of deployments, and included a simulated deployment line and education briefings. About 44 children, and a
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(Air Force photo illustration by Karen Abeyasekere) Think before you drink ... It's not worth your career; it's not worth your life
Editor's note: This is the third in a four-part series of information and personal stories from those who have somehow been affected by drinking and driving. Senior Master Sgt. David Steele, 100th Air Refueling Wing Public Affairs, recounts a story of when he was an additional-duty first sergeant at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., in 2001. After
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Airman Stephanie Holler, 100th Maintenance Squadron, recounts the events that led up to her receiving a DUI charge. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Teresa Hawkins) Be wise; have a plan when drinking - or one will be made for you ...
Editor's note: This is the second in a four-part series of information and personal stories from those who have somehow been affected by drinking and driving. As told by Airman Stephanie Holler, 100th Maintenance Squadron Stephanie Holler is 20 years old and in the U.S. Air Force. She was three months away from sewing on Senior Airman stripes when
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Master Sgt. Rodney Whitaker, standing, 100th Air Refueling Wing Ground Safety manager, talks to First Term Airmen's Center troops May 16 about his experience of being hit by a drunk driver. Sergeant Whitaker was speaking as part of the DUI panel, made up of 11 troops who have had a DUI affect their lives, whether they got a DUI, or were hit or injured by a drunk driver, or know someone who got a DUI. Those on the panel range from a senior master sergeant, who once had to identify the body of one of his troops who had been drink-driving, to Airmen who have received a DUI. Being on the panel is entirely voluntary, and gives those on it a chance to speak freely to new, young Airmen and share their stories. (U.S. Air Force photo by Karen Abeyasekere) A DUI means ... Paying a much higher price than the cost of a cab
Editor's note: This is the first in a four-part series of information and personal stories from those who have somehow been affected by drinking and driving. Drinking and driving affects lives. Not just the life - and possibly, career - of the person drinking and driving, but also the lives of their family and friends, as well as the lives of the
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Gail VanVranken, the driving force of Boatsie’s Boxes, meets with President George Bush at the White House. (Courtesy photo) Military mother sends boxes of support
Through the efforts of organizations connected with the Department of Defense's America Supports You, military members serving around the world are shown that Americans are behind their efforts in the Global War on Terror. One such organization has a connection that sits a little closer to home. When Master Sgt. Patrick VanVranken, was stationed at
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SPANGDAHLEM AIR BASE, GERMANY -- Staff Sgt. Robert Prim, 52nd Security Forces Squadron military working dog handler, prepares to unleash Judy, his German Shepherd, on his assistant during a training session. Judy is an experienced military working dog who has deployed to Iraq. (US Air Force photo/Nick Anderson) Man, dog serving side by side
The Air Force holds the largest inventory of working dogs in the military. These highly trained animals are the front-runners in the fight against narcotics, explosives and terrorism. Dogs have been used to help the Armed Forces since World War I, when they worked as messenger and mine dogs. They have seen both combat on the front line and loss in
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Civilian Security Officer 5 Roger Beeby inspects the engine compartment of a vehicle at the base search barn February 16, 2007.  The search barn is the first line of defense in force protection.  Vehicles coming through are inspected for explosives, unauthorized persons, contraband and illegal weapons.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Vanessa Bastidas) 100 SFS, MOD protect RAF Mildenhall one vehicle at a time
Security Forces are commonly recognized as the main part in force protection at the gates of RAF Mildenhall; however, Ministry of Defence personnel also ensure nothing gets on base that can put freedom's future at risk. On an average day, 240 vehicles pass through the inspection process at the search barn, said Civilian Security Officer 4 Ian
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Eddie Kidd, a 100th Services Squadron school-age programs coordinator, holds up the 4-pound bass he caught in Marina, Calif., in April 2006. The biggest bass Mr. Kidd ever caught weighed 13.75 pounds -- more than three times the size of the fish shown here. Mr Kidd is competing in two Bassmaster Western Elite Series competitions in California -- the Duel in the Delta, March 22 to 25, followed by the Golden State Shootout, March 29 to April 1. The competitions are for the top professionals and co-anglers of the Bassmasters Division. The heaviest fish he ever caught was a 155-pound catfish, in July 2000. 'Five by 11' is no 'fisherman's tale'
Eddie Kidd's motto is "Five by 11." "If I can catch five fish by 11 a.m., I know I'm probably going to win some money," said the fisherman, who's on his way to compete in the "Duel in the Delta" fishing competition - also known as the California Delta - March 22 to 25, in a freshwater area near San Francisco Bay, Calif. After that, he's hoping to
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