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Air Force Suicide Prevention

  "As part of our key priority to develop and care for Airmen and their families, we are dedicated to the well-being of our Airmen and their overall physical and psychological health. The tragedy of suicide has the potential to strike across our Air Force and is not limited to Airmen who have deployed or will deploy, nor is it bound by rank, gender, ethnicity, or geography." -- Gen. William M. Fraser III about Air Force suicide programs July 29, 2009 before the U.S. House of Representative Committee on Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel.

Suicide prevention hotlines:
Dial 118 from any U.S. Air Force or U.S. Army installation in Europe.
Dial 00800-1273-TALK (8255) for a commercial toll-free line in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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